Physical Art Projects

Day of the Dead Installation >>
I created this video/photography/painting installation for the Day of the Dead exhibition at the Cachi Art Studio Gallery in San Francisco's Mission District.

Works on Canvas >>
I practiced painting in a studio building owned by the artist Ed Ruscha in Los Angeles in the 90s. Many of these paintings were shown at venues throughout Southern California and at the San Luis Obispo art center.

Works on Paper >>
I appreciate the spontaneity afforded by working on paper. Some of my best experimental work was created with mixed media on scraps of poster board and printing paper.

Interactive Projects Using a Microcontroller

Equanimity Interactive Piece >>
Experiment in physical interactivity constructed as part of Phil Van Allen’s Interactive Objects and Spaces class at Art Center. It consists of an interactive Zen shrine that displays custom video and text depending on how you water it.

Murphy Interactive Installation >>
Interactive video installation based on Beckett's novel Murphy.

Soundpole Interactive Prototype >>
Proof of concept of an interactive musical instrument you play with gesture.

  Digital Art Projects

Electronic Murphy Film >>
Eight-minute art film based on ideas from Samuel Beckett's Murphy and Molloy. A man tied to a chair, disturbing chat room conversations, a 3D model of the mind.

Free Form Animation >>
Series of frame-by-frame animations prepared for Jay Chapman's class on experimental animation at Art Center.

Avoid Nevada Performance Experience >>
Digital/Real World performance piece in which singer/poet Lisa Verlo and I spent a few weeks doing everything we could to Avoid Nevada as we drove around in a Westphalia making and collaborating on art.

Driving into Traffic >>
Photographer Rob Prideaux and I collaborated on this little interactive art piece about drivers and their relationship to traffic.

Regent's Shrine >>
HTML narrative art piece about a young man who suffers a terrible head wound and loses the ability to navigate the corridors of his mind. Inspired by an essay about maps and mapping by Michel de Certeau.


My music as "Asian Turtle Crisis" >>
I have a home music studio. It's a bit of a waste considering my lack of talent. But it's fun for me. I post my songs on MySpace using the name "Asian Turtle Crisis".