Free Form Animation: Project Debrief

Jay Chapman at Art Center teaches a great class on experimental animation. This was artsy stuff, not Disney. We spent a lot of time watching the earliest experiments with hand drawn animation. Some were as simple as scratches on celluloid.

The object of the class was to get us to create very intuitive animations, and avoid thinking as much as possible. This can be difficult when you're drawing frame after frame in Corel Painter with a Wacom Tablet. Chapman helped us by keeping the assigments very fanciful and abstract. Express an emotion using one line, might have been one of the assignments.

The experiments gradually became more and more complicated as we learned the tools and developed the Zen-like state required to get out of the way of our own minds. Eventually we brought sound into the mix, which were created organically, using our voices and banging things together. Filters played a role, sure.

The final piece was more open allowing us to use tools like Flash as long as we drew frames individually and didn't rely on tweens.

Multimedia Files

Cantang Chewey Circus >>
This three minute video combines all the short animations pieces I created throughout the term

The Final Act: Mingosity >>
Set to a portion of Mingus' music, Mingosity is my final act for the Cantang Chewey Circus and was my final piece for the class

Experiment: Guitar Hero >>
Before creating "Mingosity" as my final piece I experimented with this 80 second "music video". I also created the music for this piece.