Avoid Nevada: Project Debrief

I'm seldom that far ahead of the curve. I got the second generation iPhone, but I didn't even have a cell-phone until around 2002. On occassion I have left an art museum a little weak kneed and slightly nauseus after seeing a piece by some other artist that I came up with the idea for years ago but didn't pursue strongly enough.

Avoid Nevada is one of the few exceptions. Way back in 1997, singer/poet Lisa Verlo and I hit on the idea of doing a cyber-performance art piece. We'd spend about two weeks in a Westfalia doing everything we could to avoid Nevada while creating and collaborating on various forms of art. We equipped ourselves with a laptop and quickcam, created a quick web site and determined to let site viewers dictate some of our actions.

This was pre-Facebook and wireless. We stopped at cybercafes to make updates and check suggestions for the activities in which we should engage. Unfortunately technical difficulties and a late start left us without time to complete the circumnavigation of the state and "Avoid Nevada" quickly became "Bisect Nevada." But that's art. Rudimentary by today's standards, "Avoid Nevada" was an interesting experiment and one that I'm proud to have participated in.

Multimedia Files

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This is the site as it appeared following our return to Los Angeles. The polls and interactive elements are no longer accessible, nor are the linked email-addresses.