Day of the Dead Installation: Project Debrief

I created this installation for the Day of the Dead exhibition at the Cachi Art Studio Gallery in San Francisco's Mission District. I don't have any documentation from the show. I think it was titled, "The Sleeper."

Since it was a bit last minute I repurposed some video from earlier pieces and painted the blue backdrop you see in these photos. It was from a frame of video I shot on the beach at Del Mar at night. This footage appears in the video that was part of the presentation.

The video was on a 2 minute loop. Candles were lit during the actual show.

Multimedia Files

Video from the Installation >>
This brief video includes clips from the exhibition and a sarcastic interview with yours truly. "No wonder I couldn't make any sense of it."

Maquette of the Installation >>
Flash maquette of the installation with the video loop as it appeared at the show.

Two minute video loop >>
Video loop from the show. This is the same loop that plays in the maquette.