Driving into Traffic: Project Debrief

Traffic sucks, right? Especially in California. Who in their right mind would purposefully drive into it?

I've had some of the worse commutes imaginable. Los Feliz to Long Beach on three major freeways. San Francisco to Redwood Shores down the Peninsula. Heck for a while, I was commuting from Menlo Park to El Cerrito. Try that some time.

You can find ways to cope with traffic: books on tape, zen implacability. Or you can give into the outrage... fill up on angry talk radio, scream at your fellow road warriors, flip the bird like mad.

Rob Prideaux and I were looking for something interesting to do. We thought it might be fun to explore how people feel about traffic and make a little interactive art piece about it. I drove through the mess while Rob snapped photos of focused drivers. Later we explored the internet for people's ruminations on traffic and connected them with some of the photos in a flash piece. Well, take a look.

Multimedia Files

Experience the project >>
After the brief introduction, once the interface loads, click on one of the small cars to get that driver's picture. Roll over the image for their thoughts.