Equanimity: Project Debrief

This experiment in physical interactivity was constructed as part of Phil Van Allen’s Interactive Objects and Spaces class at Art Center. EunKyoung Kim and myself created a shrine in the form of a scale with an embedded potentiometer sensor.

The scale was rigged to a laptop and projector via a microcontroller interface. Pouring water into the the cups forming either end of the scale provoked changes in the video projected by the laptop. One side of the scale represented "organic", the other "mechanical".

At rest and equally balanced, the projection displayed the word “Equanimity” over a placid pool. As you disrupted the balance by adding water to one side or another the water clip became more transluscent and revealed randomly generated pithy phrase superimposed over a series of increasingly emotional frame images from vintage silent movies. The scale's movements scrubbed the film clips.

The project explored the idea that by engaging in life we may lose control and balance but gain experiences.

Multimedia Files

Video documentation of the project >>
75 second video clip of our presentation of the project to the IOS class at Art Center.

Flash maquette of the project >>
This flash experiment demonstrates how interacting with the piece took place. Click on the watercan and hold over the scale’s cups to pour. Note that this was a quick comp in an earlier version of flash I can no longer edit. There is a bug that makes it difficult to detach the water can on occassion. Try clicking away from the shrine.