Earliest Paintings

My earliest work was driven by my interest in literature. I remember deciding I wanted to make paintings like Dostoevski novels. These paintines blurred the line between fine art and illustration.


Violent/Wound Paintings

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue painting shortly after the Rodney King riots. The city was extremely tense. I witnessed and was a victim of violence. But these paintings were more about living in a wounded culture in which violence and conflict were routinely accepted.



Computer Interface Paintings

I became fascinated by the computer interface. I was interested in the virtual analogies to physical activies like cutting and pasting and cloning parts of images. I created a library of woodblock representations of the computer interface and used these to print windows on paper and canvas that I could use to make the virtual physical.



Chat Room Paintings

I was also interested in the emergence of chat rooms and the low-brow nature of online communications. I integrated chat room dialogue culled from online sources into my paintings.