Life Drawing

I have a fairly unique life drawing style. It's very frenetic and energetic. I attack the substrate with a variety of tools ranging from charcoal and pencil to erasers and white acrylic paint.


Woodblock Art

Woodblocks were a means for me to work out some of the conceptual ideas I was having in plastic form. Cutting woodblock icons of the art, literature and ideas I was having let me combine them in all sorts of interesting ways. I amassed a library of these images that allowed me to play out visual ideas spontaneously.



Computer Interface Woodblocks

While I was painting I began earning a living through computer-based graphic design. Rather than focusing on esoteric ideas from art and literature I began to become fascinated by the computer interface itself and the relationship between virtual and real. I cut to-scale woodblocks of the computer interface that enabled me to explore the gestures of computer interaction in a physical realm.


Game Inspired Pieces

I got into making video-game inspired pieces by way of my woodblock art. Once I had built a library of computer tools and icons I moved onto games. I began exploring the visual language of games.