Regent's Shrine: Project Debrief

One of the things I most enjoy about creative projects is the synchronicities that can arise as you begin investigating tangentially related ideas. In the Art Center Media Design program we were asked to read a Michel de Certeau essay about maps. The piece, "Tours and Maps" describes two means of describing places: "the 'map' and the 'tour.' The first is of the type: 'The girls’ room is next to the kitchen.' The second: 'You turn right and come into the living room.'"

I started thinking about the idea of maps in terms of the virtual places and those we imagine. What if we could use a physical device like an MRI visualization machine to represent a map of a place in our minds. I put this together with the idea of a spiritual young man who took mental trips to a shrine in his imagination to meditate before suffering an injury that makes the trip impossible. How would he find his way back? Could a new route be determined?

My research identified a wealth of online information on experiments with visualizing mental processes.


Multimedia Files

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This is the project I created for the class. It requires some patience and exploration. You can follow the literal narrative by clicking the direction links at the end of each blurb. But the whole piece itself is a map and worth exploring a bit.